Yup I’m Doing This!

  Hey world my name is Sunny Sidhu….and I have Scleroderma. And not the fun kind either. I’m starting the blog for a number of reasons. I have been dealing with the SOB since I was first diagnosed at 13. 29 years later, I hope that my experiences with the treatments, the surgeries, the wound […]

I’m Not Completely useless…I thinkĀ 

Today I was going to exhault the virtues of exercise and its benefits for keeping limber and aiding in my sound body sound mind approach to life. Instead I sit here with a bowl popcorn a vodka soda and a broken foot courtesy of a 45 lb weight plate leaving my hand and letting the […]

You’re Not Alone

So you find out that you have Scleroderma…you Google it and find out fewer than 750 000 people in the US and Canada live with this condition.  Mostly female,very few males…but hey you found me so you are not alone! One of things that has always bugged me is the lack of funding and research […]